Undocumented learners not to be denied admission to Mpumalanga schools


Learners who are undocumented must be admitted and schools are directed to collaborate with the Department of Home Affairs to ensure that the required documents are attained.


According to the provincial MEC of the Department of Education, Bonakele Majuba, no learner should be denied admission at any government school because they are not documented. He also said no learner may be denied stationery or workbooks for whatever reason as it is mandatory that all learners should be in possession of that by January 11.

“It is the Department’s wish to see all learners be admitted to schools and receive all necessary study material on time so that teachers can commence with teaching. The Department has delivered the Learner, Teaching and Support Material (LTSM) to all schools in November 2022. The LTSM was trimmed to ensure that each subject is catered for and that there is no unnecessary waste,” he said.

Majuba also encouraged parents to register their children in schools which are closer to their place of residence. This will ensure that they do not incur costs for transport and it will enable their children to participate in Curriculum Enrichment Programmes at school. It will also be easy for parents to attend school activities and meetings.

He also said the budget documents for schools were already issued in October 2022. “This will enable schools to prepare their respective budgets for the year to cater for consumables, toiletries, municipal services, day-to-day maintenance and No Fee Subsidies. More than 900 000 learners will receive their share of the National School Nutrition Programme from the first day of school re-opening.

The Department has provided the necessary capacity for the food handlers to enable them to render the service with the required professionalism under hygienic conditions.

The Department, in collaboration with the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport, is accelerating the programme to improve school infrastructure within the Province. Contractors have been appointed and are on site to fix those schools which were damaged by storms late last year.