All Mpumalanga learners to receive stationery

Provincial FEATURED

The MEC for provincial department of education Bonakele Majuba,  urged principals and school governing bodies to ensure that the learning and teaching support material is distributed to all learners before schools re-open.

In this regard, he said:”Learning and Teaching Support Material was distributed late last year to schools. Further distribution is being done this week to those schools which did not receive their consignments. The intention is that all schools must receive stationery before they re-open for 2024,”

Majuba also said schools are expected to equally hand over the stationery and learning support material to all learners before January 15 to enable teaching and learning to start from the first period of the first day of school re-opening.

“This distribution includes stationery, workbooks, and stationery for new schools or grades of special schools and e-learning. It is therefore an obligation of every public ordinary school principal to ensure that every learner receives their requisite stationery. There must be no instance where stationery is not provided to learners by schools within our Province,” explain Majuba.

He added that the view of the department is that the stationery has been assessed and is adequate to enable learning and teaching throughout the year.

To this end, there must be no instance where parents are going to be compelled to dig deep into their pockets to add to the already provided stationery.

This applies mainly to the No School Fees, quintiles 1 to 3 within the Province.

The No Fee Schools receives a subsidy from the department to enable them to buy additional resources for day to day running.

“It is therefore not justifiable for some of the No Fee Schools to demand parents to pay for certain resources.

The budgets of these schools need to be managed in such a way that parents are truly relieved from paying for the day to day running of the schools,” explain Majuba

Members of School Governing Bodies are urged to consider the plight of parents at all times”