Angel Banda (23) from Carolina is among the top 10 finalists for Miss Mpumalanga 2024

FEATURED Local Provincial SLIDER

Angel Banda (23) from Carolina will be representing the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality at the Miss Mpumalanga 2024 pageant.

She is urrently pursuing her career in chemical engineering and an advocate of equitable quality education and Entrepreneurship of young women and children.

Banda, said education is a fundamental right that every child deserves and a key driver of social and economic development.

“When women are at the forefront of entrepreneurship innovation is enhanced, productivity surges and the economy ultimately grows. As a Miss Mpumalanga 2024 I will prioritise on the issues that prohibit access to proper education and entrepreneurship skills for young women to help them reach their entrepreneurship goals,” she said

She added that these factors include substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, gangsterism, women being unfunded for their business ventures and or the inequality within the entrepreneurship space.

“Women are an instrumental part of entrepreneurship and will continue to lead change for years to come in the social course representing self- sufficiency, they are even more impactful when they are educated,”


“This engagement can be a success through projects, outreach programs which is also one of the roles of Miss Mpumalanga, bursaries made even more accessible, proper learning infrastructure provided and entrepreneurship skills classes being provided in our province and South Africa as a whole,” explained Banda

She further added that a vigilant community have an obligation to report any activity that could divert children’s attention from learning. That may include illegal gambling, irresponsible liquor trade and consumption within their environment.

“To stop such activities we must be sure to report them to the police or the Mpumalanga economic regulator which is responsible for the integrity of gambling, liquor trade and consumption through efficient regulation within the province of Mpumalanga.
Because the money used to trade illegally might be for necessities such as food, Shelter, School fees and uniform. You can also exclude yourself or a loved one through voluntary request on the NRG Programme,” she concluded.

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The community of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality at large is asked to rally behind Banda in order for her to bring the crown home.

The main event will e held at AFM Communion Auditorium in Mbombela on March 16 2024.