Avontuur Package Plant has been shut down due to vandalism


The Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM) is currently experiencing a high-volume of theft and vandalism on its infrastructure which has negative impact on the ability of the municipality to provide sustainable and continuous services, to the communities0.

The director of Technical Services Mbuso Magubane, said the municipality condemn the acts of cable theft and vandalism which has resulted in the shutdown of the Avuntuur Package Plant. This follows an incident where electrical panels and electrical cables stolen.

“Avontuur Package Plant was vandalised on Tuesday, 09 August 2022 during early hours. The criminals took all the electricity cables and as such the plant is currently not functioning, it must be noted that we are unable to anticipate when will it be in a state of operation since some of the components that were affected belongs to ESKOM. As the municipality we are working with them entity to try to speed up the process of restoring the supply,” he said

Magubane also said for interim the affected wards, which are ward 13 and 18 will be supplied through water tankers. The replacement costs of the infrastructure are currently estimated into millions of rands which need to be funded from municipal coffers which had not been budgeted for.

“This also hampers the municipality in providing basic services to community which are in desperate need of these basic services. The municipality is appealing to the residents of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality to assist by reporting theft and vandalism of its infrastructure which at the current rate has the potential to collapse the ability of the municipality to provide its communities with the necessary basic services,” added Magubane.

He further said moreover, communities are left without services for a prolonged period.
The theft and vandalism of municipal infrastructure is a criminal offence which carries a hefty sentence when convicted. We are urging communities to report any acts of acts of theft and vandalism.