CALM mayor discusses latest budget at SOMA


The Mayor of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM), Daniel Nkosi, said it is crucial that his council restores hope to the residents and demonstrate that they are committed towards prioritising their needs.


Nkosi, speaking during the State of Municipality Address (SOMA) at Mantjolo Traditional Offices, said trust needed to be rebuilt. ”Rebuilding that trust may mean that sometimes we have to do things differently and make the necessary sacrifices.” He called on all CALM councillors to engage with their ward committees and civil organisations to address illegal dumping, vandalism and cable theft. He informed delegates and guests that these are costing CALM millions every month; money that could be spent for the benefit of communities.


Nkosi sent out a clarion call to all residents to join hands in protecting women and children against Gender Based Violence (GBV.) “We must continue to aggressively grow public awareness with relevant communication strategies and training interventions especially aimed at changing social norms, while ensuring access to female-specific and sexual reproductive  healthcare in accordance with universal healthcare,” he stressed.


The mayor also highlighted items on the 2023 budget such as funds to enable the municipality to declare 24-hour water availability at Elukwatini and Empuluzi areas and improving water quality. This would entail, back- up generators into Water Treatment Works  while at the same time, declare CALM as a sewer spillage free zone, increase public lightning to reduce crime and improve road and street conditions.  Incorporated in this ANC mandate of 2021, it would enable the municipality to provide consistent electricity even to farm areas and curb illegal connections.


Constructing foot and motor bridges especially in Dundonald area is of great importance as are increasing refuse removal and providing additional side walk bins across business hubs. On the agenda is also the improvement of CALM’s response rate to disaster and equipping employees with the necessary tools. The establishment of township activities will continue alongside incubation of more co-operatives and SMME’s. The mayor said it is vital to create more jobs by manufacturing toilets panels and paving blocks.  CALM endeavours to assist the Department of Human Settlement to distribute title deeds and curb land invasion at all cost.


Finally, the budget makes provision for the upgrading of existing sport fields and establishing and maintaining of community parks. Mayoral cup events would be aimed at social cohesion issues, 85% of revenue had been earmarked for this. Taverns which are blocking roads and traffic should be dealt with in an appropriated manner. Bursaries to community members would be continued as would the full implementation of the Local Economic Development strategy.