Drug abuse awareness was held at Bantfwabetfu Secondary School


The Gert Sibande District Municipality (GSDM) embarks on a drug abuse awareness campaign at Bantfwabetfu Secondary School under the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM).

The main aim of the campaign was to instill a sense of responsibility among the learners so that they do not fall prey to drugs, as it leads to other social ills. Busi Mkhwanazi, Member of the Mayoral Committee in the GSDM, stated that they want to educate students about the dangers and consequences of substance abuse, drug overdose, and other related problems.

“We visited this school to remind learners that school is a place where career choices and future are moulded. Therefore, learners need to take schooling seriously. We also strongly condemn the gangsterism among you because you are the leaders of tomorrow, and do not even think that getting involved with gangsters is cool,” she said.

Mkhwanazi further urged them to work hard and respect parents, educators, and their peers and avoid unnecessary fights at school as this might hinder their success in life. Vanity packs and school uniforms were handed over to the school.