The University of Mpumalanga to develop a new Strategic Plan


The University of Mpumalanga (UMP) is on the process of developing a new Strategic Plan that will guide its direction for the next seven years. The new plan will replace the UMP Vision 2022 that served as a guide for the strategic direction of the University in the last seven years (2015-2022).

In the development of the new strategy, the University is consulting widely with selected stakeholders to ensure that the strategy takes into consideration their inputs. Amongst the stakeholders to being consulted include the Chancellor, Council, the Vice-Chancellor, the Management Committee (MANCO), Extended Management Committee (EMANCO), Staff Members, Institutional Forum, SRC, CRC, Recognised Labour Unions, Convocation,

Mpumalanga Provincial Government and Organised Business formations.
The process of consulting stakeholders started in April 2022 through workshops that were attended by representatives of internal stakeholders of the University. The engagements with internal stakeholders are continuing as part of phase 1 of the strategic plan development. The consultations with various stakeholders will be done through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and online communities.
UMP is urging identified stakeholders to participate in the process of developing the new strategic plan because the plan will add value towards achieving the Vision and Mission of the University of Mpumalanga.