World boxing champion raises funds for children with heart diseases


South Africa World Boxing Champion and Medalist, Simnikiwe Bongco has joined forces with Pelo Foundation to raise awareness and funds so that children living with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), can receive surgeries and treatments.

Upon his announcement, the boxing champion, said: “I am truly honoured for this opportunity and role. I have always aspired to use my brand to advocate for young people and the foundation is the best platform to raise awareness for young people that cannot do it for themselves.”

Pelo Foundation is an organization that was established with the mission to address the plight of children from indigent communities, who are born and live with CHD to receive life-saving surgeries that could give them a chance to live.

As an ambassador of the foundation, Bongco will assist Pelo with raising awareness and funds so that more children living with CHD can receive treatments.

Pelo Foundation Manager, Dudu- Mvimbi Leshabane has welcomed the boxing champion and mentioned that the team is highly motivated and looking forward to working with the athlete.

For Mandela Day, Bongco will assist to raise awareness for the campaign: Coffee for Change, in which the foundation will partner with companies to sell coffee for 67 minutes (or any day of the week from 17 to 21 July 2023). The proceeds will go towards aiding children with heart conditions. The campaign aims to encourage the companies’ valued employees to enjoy their coffee while donating to a charity.

“It gives me a sense of purpose to have my brand associated with a foundation that cares for children that need access to medical attention and have dreams,” said Bongco.

There are about 500 children on the foundation’s list, who are waiting to receive the most needed heart surgeries and treatments. It is a dire situation and unfortunately, some of the children have succumbed to the condition while waiting for surgeries.

Since its inception in June 2021, the foundation has assisted 17 children to undergo CHD treatment, which included heart surgeries.

According to Ms Mvimbi Leshabane, the children who already underwent the surgeries have managed to live a normal life and participate in different activities.

“Some have gone back to school, and others are participating in sports and other activities. The statistics show that many children are born with CHD.