Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality’s Mayoral Cup kicks off

Local FEATURED General

The Executive Mayor of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM), Daniel Nkosi, officially opened the annual Mayoral Cup competition for 2023 at Lochiel Sports Ground on September 9.

This Cup provides opportunities for netball and soccer teams across the municipality with the aim of encouraging young people to stay away from substance abuse and crime. During his speech, Nkosi also said young people need to be focused on their studies and sports to keep them busy.

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“We want to build a municipality that is drug and crime-free where young people are educated or become successful in sports. We have opened this platform to all young people in this municipality to participate. I must also encourage the youth to stay away from drugs, especially alcohol, which is ruining their lives. Sports are something that will keep the mind relaxed and the body healthy,” he said.

Nkosi urged all teams and match officials to keep the competition peaceful and ensure there are no irregularities throughout.  He also encouraged young people register so that they could participate in the national elections next year.

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Meanwhile, ward councillors within the municipality requested Nkosi to maintain dens and discourage people from participating in sports. They also discouraged the public from damaging public infrastructure.

The mayoral competition was welcomed by all teams, thanking CALM for hosting the competition and said that they would do their best to make sure the competition was fair and peaceful. They also asked that match officials do the same and not allow people to bribe them to fix matches. The match finals will be held during the last week of September in Elukwatini.