CALM’s Multi-Party Caucus celebrates Women’s Month


As part of its Women’s Month celebrations, the Women Multi-Party Caucus in the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM) celebrated the day at Mayflower Community Hall on August 29.

The Caucus, led by CAL’s speaker, Sibongile Gininda, said the Women’s Multi Party Caucus was established with to promote gender equity and equality within the municipalities. This year’s meeting municipalities.

Gininda said that women should stay away from debt and always take advantage of projects introduced by the government.  She called for more women to take initiative to benefit others and emulate the women of 1956.

“Women must do away with making debts that they cannot afford or end up going to loan sharks that they pay for a long time. We want women to take advantage of the projects that the national government and has introduced to benefit them. They must learn to respect themselves all the times. Until women take themselves seriously, the other gender will also not take us seriously,” she said.

She further encouraged all women not allow themselves to be abused just because people are taking care of them but should instead report it to the police. She also urged the police to address Gender Based Violence women seriously. “Women must stop protecting abusers who sometimes end up killing an entire family because they are the breadwinners. They must be reported and punished for it because no one deserves to be abused. We also need men who will always protect their women and support them and if they are not happy to rather leave them when they are still alive,” Gininda concluded.



The day’s festivities ended with 50 food parcels donated to families which were affected by the recent storm winds. Liberty Life and Old Mutual gave advice on financial issues and how finances should be handled and on investment opportunities for women.