CALM holds mayoral Imbizo at Steynsdorp


The Executive Mayor of the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality, Cllr. Daniel Nkosi, held the Mayoral Imbizo at the Steynsdorp Sports Field on Friday, June 23.


It was was attended by members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC), councillors, municipal officials, the municipal manager and community members.


The main aim of this Imbizo was to establish a platform for the community to raise their concerns regarding service delivery and discuss them with the local leadership.


It unfortunately saw poor attendance by community members which was ascribed to lack of transport to the venue and the cold. However, some community members claimed to have ignored the call to attend because they believed it would not yield any results as they had a similar meetings before but said “it was full of empty promises.


”However, those who attended raised agricultural issues such as irrigation, road maintenance, (foot- and motor bridges), illegal mining, youth unemployment and water shortages. Community members told this publication that the mayor and his entourage should ensure they attend to the issues raised, because people are tired of empty promises.

“A lot of people decided not to attend because a lot of promises had been made before on previous Imbizos within the municipality and nothing changed.

That is why they see no point in attending until they see positive results. We told them some of our problems to prove that they were not playing politics; they must act so that people can start taking them seriously again,” they said.The mayor told to the community that they are in Council to represent them andthey will have such meetings every quarter to account to the electorate on matters raised and to seek new mandates.

He also asked members of the MMC to attend to all the community concerns. “We need to address the community’s concerns when they are not happy with certain things.


They put us in power because they trusted us to lead them and make sure that we delivered the basic services to them. We can only do that if we work with them by going to them,” he stressed.

During the Imbizo, the Municipality, through the Planning and Economic Development Department assisted some SMME’s, such as Khensani from Ward7