New inspirational book for women sees the light

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As a way to inspire other women who are on a journey of becoming who they want to be, Ntsako Mahlaule has written an inspirational book, titled The Journey of Becoming.

The author, from the village of Agincourt, said writing a book has always been a dream she planned to achieve for her 30th birthday. She said it was not easy explaining her vision or her journey to others. “I want to inspire others, to show that it is possible to become whatever you want to be. This book will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and believe in the possibility that there is no limit to what you can achieve. It is a process, yes, but your hard work and dedication will be met with unlimited growth and success.

Ntsako Mahlaule


“This book is dedicated to anyone who longs to achieve and become more; you have to take action to bring about your creation, because they are achievable and valid as long you as you work hard and put your mind to it,” Ntsaki Mahlaule


Mahlaule said she found that most people believe that they need to acquire certain qualifications before they can live their dreams. “Most people believe that after matric we need to go to university to achieve our dreams. Yes, I have faith in education, although it is possible to venture on a journey where you reach some levels of life even before acquiring a degree or diploma. You can be anything you want to be, look at me, for example. I made a choice to make my career by doing what I love. This way, every day, I do not feel like what I do is a job because I enjoy it.”

Mahlaule is the founder and CEO of Charged Up, which offers various services such as photography and event management and acts a modelling agency. It is also a clothing brand. This multi-talented woman is also a radio personality at Lokuhle FM; a local station established last year. In this book she shares her journey of how people did not believe in her passion when she decided to choose the route less travelled.

Finally, Mahlaule said she wanted, with this book,  to show others that even if it is a dream for a small village, it is still valid.