L&L Investment and Loan empower local businesses

National General

L&L Investment and Loans held a successful Business Summit with the main aim of empowering local businesses, especially those trading in rural areas and educating locals regarding loans and investments. The event was held at Justicia on Saturday, September 30.

L&L Investment and Loans is a microfinance business with a focus of changing the micro lending industry into a legitimate business industry within the communities they serve.

The company was established during the COVID pandemic in 2020 by Lugelo Khoza and Lucky Sibiya, residents of Bushbuckridge. The main purpose of the business section of this initiative is to clean up and regulate the money lending industry which has a bad name because of illegitimate actions of unscrupulous loan sharks. It had become the norm among these to confiscate the identity documents and even personal belongings of clients in desperate need of financial assistance.


Khoza and Sibiya started with zero capital but managed to grow the business beyond their own expectations. Currently, they employ seven people and aspire to create more than 100 jobs for locals, especially those qualified in the field. “As part of creating better opportunities in rural areas, we made the call and hope other businesses will still do the same,” the two owners said.

During the Investment Summit, the Chief Executive Officer of L&L, Lungelo Khoza, said one of the reasons for the Summit was to invite people to invest in their business and learn how saving money can lead to making more. “We would like to invite businesses and ordinary citizens to invest an amount of their choice and we guarantee a full return. People can invest any amount and receive 7.5% profit from their money. Those who invest much larger sums are guaranteed a 15% return,” he said.

The financially astute Khoza added that those who need loans can borrow money from R100 to R5000, provided they qualify for it. L&L is regulated by the National Credit Regulator and 100% legal under South African law. “We are a legitimate business and we do things according to the law.

We are registered with all micro lending regulatory bodies. For us to grow the business and create more jobs, while at the same time improve the financial situation of investors, we need people to invest and borrow money from us to create more jobs and grow this into an empire,” he  said.

Khoza said they are available to those who wish to see their money grow in a trustworthy environment. L&L is the only money lending company established in a rural area and grows within the community, guaranteeing the safety of their clients’ money. Those looking for financial stability can contact them and they will do everything in their power to assist and advise them.

For more information contact : 013 007 9085 OR 067 407 7337 email infor@investment.co.za