Road maintenance undertaken in Barcelona ring road


As part of the Municipality’s vision to ensure proper roads, the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM) has already rehabilitated and fast-tracked this as part of the Letsema Campaign.

CALM Executive Mayor, Cllr. Daniel Nkosi, joined by municipal officials, got their hands dirty on 28 July towards rehabilitating the dilapidated Barcelona Ring Road. Nkosi said CALM took the decision to rebuild the road because it was difficult to drive on it and needed serious attention. “It was a tarred road before, but we have removed what tar was left and paved the entire road, because with paving it can last a longer period of time.” He also said he was happy with the progress since it was almost 90% complete. “The good thing is that now that the traffic can flow smoothly and we are only left with a few things before it can be fully opened. We still need to paint the lanes and repair the storm water drainage,” he said.

The Executive Mayor, also said the project is only one of CALM’s projects aimed at speeding up service delivery and addressing infrastructure and assured the communities that there are some more roads which would be repaired.

“I am pleading with the residents to refrain from burning tyres on the road during service delivery protests because it damages the road and causes more potholes. That gives us another setback, which costs us a lot of money that should go to other services. I would like to condemn the stealing of the paving bricks. I am calling on the community to work with us and protect this infrastructure because they are based there and need to take care of it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the residents in the area welcomed the rehabilitation of the road. They are happy with the Municipality’s repair of the road since it was damaging their cars and creating jobs for locals. “We are grateful for repairing the road because it has not only helped the smooth movement of traffic, but it has also assisted in creating jobs for locals. We are pleading with the Municipality to also make sure that they maintain the road soon so that it can last a long time. As a community, we will do our best to protect it,” they said.