Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality held special council meeting


Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM) held a special council meeting to commemorate Mandela International Day during which discussions on certain municipal progresses and service delivery were also held.

During the meeting, CALM’s mayor, Daniel Nkosi, said he believes every human life is of equal value, but lamented that across the rural communities they serve, people are struggling to meet their most basic human needs such as shelter, clothing, food and water.

“A s a municipality, we are fighting poverty through simple, sustainable measures. We are in the business of empowering people who are born with the odds stacked against them, providing the tools they need to access the basics, which makes it possible to pursue a brighter future,” he said

He also said Mandela Day gives everyone the opportunity to heed the call to action and for people to recognise their individual power to make a difference the world around them. The theme of International Nelson Mandela Day for the year 2023 is: The Legacy Lives on Through You: Climate, Food and Solidarity.

“A global movement for positive change begins with small actions. As each person acts, they fuel momentum towards positive change, raising awareness and expanding the reach of Mr Mandela’s values fighting injustice.” Mandela’s Goals for the period 2019-2029 would be:  Education and Literacy, Food and Nutrition, Shelter, Sanitation and Active Citizenship.

Nkosi further said government calls on all South Africans to contribute to the social and economic security of Africans by living the values of our Constitution, providing for the rights of all people living in our country and affirms democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom for all.
“As the municipality we have made great progress in relation to water supply thanks to the collaboration between political leadership, municipal employees and the CALM community,” Nkosi said.

He added that during the recent Investment Summit the issue of unemployment was raised and said the municipality was making progress and have acquired the services of an agricultural specialist to assist farmers around the municipality.

During the Ministerial visit by D. Aaron Motsoaledi the following activities related to Home Affairs were raised, as the Department is responsible for various aspects of public safety, immigration, law enforcement, and national security.

Some of the criminal activities which may be relevant to Home Affairs include:

• Identity Fraud: Criminals may engage in identity theft to obtain fraudulent documents such as passports or national identification cards to commit other crimes or evade law enforcement;
• Human Trafficking: Traffickers exploit vulnerable individuals, including migrants and refugees for forced labour, sexual exploitation or other forms of modern-day slavery. Home Affairs is involved in immigration and border control, making it relevant to combat human trafficking activities;
• Passport Fraud: Criminals may attempt to forge or alter passports to facilitate illegal border crossings, evade arrest or engage in other criminal activities across national borders;
• Smuggling: Home Affairs deals with immigration and border control, making it pertinent in addressing smuggling activities such as illegal transportation of goods, drugs, or humans across borders;
• Immigration Offenses: This includes illegal entry into the country, overstaying visas or other immigration-related violations;
• Cybercrime: Home Affairs may be involved in cybersecurity and data protection, combating crimes such as cyber fraud, hacking and online scams impacting individuals and national security;
• Terrorism: Home Affairs plays a vital role in counter-terrorism efforts, including intelligence gathering, preventing terrorist recruitment and ensuring national security;
• Corruption: Within the Home Affairs department itself, there may be instances of corruption, where officials are involved in bribery, favouritism, or other criminal activities;
• Domestic Violence and Abuse: The Department may be involved in addressing issues of domestic violence, abuse and neglect within homes, where vulnerable individuals require protection and support;
• Organised Crime: Home Affairs may collaborate with investigations into organised crime syndicates involved in activities such as drug trafficking, human smuggling or money laundering.

He also touched on the issue of by-laws insisting it should be to limit the criminal activities around the municipal towns. “We have seen the bombing of ATM’s and heard gun shots, chasing away investors. The Municipality recently held a successful Investment Summit to attract investors and assist with job opportunities. The criminal elements should be condemned by all means possible as they not only chase away investors but also create a lot of job losses,” he concluded.