CALM executive committee officiates sod turning ceremony at Fernie collector access road

The Executive Mayor of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality Cllr Daniel Nkosi, with the Speaker of Council Cllr Sibongile Ginindza led the members of the Mayoral Committee and Community of Fernie, and ward 3 on a sod turning ceremony for the construction of the Fernie Collector Road.
Mayor Nkosi said, the construction works will include open channels (V drains), kerbs and edge beams, speed humps, road markings, and road sings to ensure road safety.
“Today it marks a major milestone towards achieving the infrastructure goals as articulated in our infrastructure development plan. As the municipality we hope and believe that after the completion of this road it will bring a range of significant benefits to the community of Fernie, that this road will be contributing towards the safety of residents and their freedom of movement,” he said.
The road will be 6meters wide, +- 0,7 km most importantly the usage of paving bricks is promoted by the municipality as it allows subcontracting and increases the number of lobour.
During the Mayoral Imbizo in Fernie, ward 3 the Executive Mayor promised the community that they will soon visit for a sod turning ceremony and as such it has happened.