Grant applicants for child support, care dependency, or foster care can apply without IDs

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Child support, Care dependency or Foster care grants applicants are allowed to apply for their grant without an ID or birth Certificate.

According to South African Social Security Agency [SASSA] applicants who have been struggling to apply for the child support, care dependency or foster care grant because of the unavailability of birth certificate and Identity documents are now allowed to apply.

Mpumalanga SASSA spokesperson Senzeni Ngubeni, said SASSA regulation 13(1) (b) states that: “Provided that if no valid proof is obtainable, an affidavit in a format prescribed by the Agency may be accepted.”

Similarly, applicants who apply for an older person grant, disability grant or war veteran’s grant are able to apply for a grant in the absence of supporting documents.

“The policy places a responsibility on the applicant to apply for an ID or birth certificate and provide proof to SASSA of such an application within three months. If the applicant does not provide the requested proof, the grant will be lapsed,”

“The Agency is urging all those qualifying community members to start visiting SASSA local offices to do their applications or people who have access to internet they can apply online. Online application assist beneficiary to avoid travelling long distance to SASSA offices, avoid standing in long queues and also to access the SASSA services at their comfort zone,” he said.

Ngubeni also said the introduction of online application does not mean that beneficiaries must not visit SASSA offices. All applicants wishes to do face to face application they are welcomed at SASSA local offices.