Sassa cards work like any other bank card

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Grant beneficiaries are being warned about the gold Sassa card being outdated, which is not true.

The provincial South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is urging beneficiaries not to be misled by social media circulating rumours about the Sassa gold cards going to be discontinued, having expired or being withdrawn.

Its spokesperson, Senzeni Ngubeni, said these cards work like any other commercial authenticated card as approved by the South African Reserve Bank. Beneficiaries must know that it is safe, with all necessary safeguards being taken to keep their money in their accounts.

“The remaining funds will be kept safe in your account. Social grant payment funds can be withdrawn on any day of the month according to a beneficiary’s needs. Beneficiaries are reminded again that they can use their gold cards to withdraw money at ATMs, retail stores or any supermarket of their choice,” he said.

Ngubeni said those receiving grants at pay points are advised to create a Pin when collecting their grants during the August payment. This will enable beneficiaries to use their card to withdraw their money at ATMs and supermarkets using their created Pin.

“We request beneficiaries to avoid going into crime hotspots during the first days of the month. Scammers and thugs target vulnerable people living with disability and elders during this time. It is advisable to do shopping or withdraw money in the middle of the month,” he said.